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Unlock Fun with Bitcoin: Casey Rodarmor’s Quest to Make Crypto Fun Again

• Casey Rodarmor is the creator of Ordinals, a Bitcoin NFT project. • He has worked in technology since 2010 and currently acts as the co-host of SF Bitcoin BitDevs. • He recently spoke to CoinDesk about his inspiration and how he views the backlash from some Bitcoiners against the protocol. Casey Rodarmor: The Quest

TRU Token Rallies 200% After Binance’s TUSD Mint Sparks Speculation

• TrueFi’s TRU token rallied over 200% after Binance minted $50 million of TrueUSD (TUSD) stablecoin. • The speculation about the TRU token appears to be misplaced because TrustToken sold TUSD in 2020 to a Techteryx and separated from the TrueFi protocol last year. • The token was trading at around 11 cents at press

Protect Privacy & Security: EU Must Balance Regulatory Needs with Blockchain Innovation

• The European Union’s Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation is ambitious and sets a high standard globally. • Article 68 of MiCA, however, poses a risk to innovation, privacy and security. • A more flexible and dynamic approach is needed that allows for the continued growth and innovation of the blockchain industry while still

Bitcoin Dips, But Holds Strong Above $23.5K Despite Fed Hike

• Bitcoin (BTC) was holding strong above $23.5K after a late Thursday dip sent it and other cryptos into negative territory from Wednesday highs following the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike. • Crypto trading activity has increased following the central bank’s decision, and CoinDesk analyst Glenn Williams Jr. highlighted the spike in activity. • The