Browsec VPN – Free VPN for Firefox

Unblock content that is restricted to certain regions and safeguard your IP by using Browsec’s add-on. Through this browser VPN you’ll be able to remain anonymous for an endless duration! Utilize free remote servers to conceal your location and gain access to all the content you want.


Unlimited access to any website by using Browsec VPN on Firefox. With this VPN extension, you’ll be able to secure your browser from threats external to it as well as hide your IP and access any site that you desire.

Secure IP changer

You can alter your IP at any time you’d like. Browsec protects your IP address and geographical location in order to let you access restricted content within your region.

Protection of data with solid security

This extension ensures that your information is protected because of the best security protocols. It is possible to forget about data leaks, as your passwords, logins as well as credit card details are protected.

Remote servers

The free servers of Browsec make it feasible to join websites like you’re in the US as well as the UK and Singapore, the Netherlands, Singapore, and more. Pick the one that meets your requirements, and then browse all you want to.

Guaranteed safety

Browsec will make you forget about shady ISPs and unidentified WiFi networks that are not public. It secures your data, secures your data and protects it from all those trying to take it away.

Premium features

We have more to come. The dedicated lanes on Browsec allow you to browse at speeds of up to 100 Mbit, so you can stream video seamlessly. Choose an option from a list of 40+ virtual sites and also alter your browser’s time to the chosen timezone. You can also have various settings for each website or page. Select various locations and store the settings.


1. Locate Browsec within the Firefox Store and then click ‘Add to Firefox.’

2. Download and activate the add-on.

3. Click the extension icon on the toolbar.

4. Select “Protect me,” then select a remote host. Now, you’re safe! Browsec Firefox VPN can be one of your best choices to secure your browser and enable access to any site at any time, from anywhere.