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Congress May Take Action on Stablecoin Regulation in 2023: Bitwise CCO

• Bitwise Asset Management General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Katherine Dowling believes that Congress may take action on stablecoin regulation in 2023. • Dowling believes that Congress may be more likely to take action on stablecoin regulation as it is a “narrower issue” than the “larger meteor issue of general crypto market structure.” •

Web3 Developers Keep Crypto Flame Burning Despite Crypto Winter

• Token trading dropped significantly in 2021, but the number of smart contracts deployed on Ethereum continues to grow. • The collapse of FTX in November had a significant ripple effect across industries, but developers remain optimistic. • According to a survey conducted by Alchemy, 94.2% of developers are optimistic about the future of Web3.

Tech Investor Cathie Wood Buys Coinbase, Signaling Crypto Investment Wave

• Tech investor Cathie Wood has made her first purchase of 2021 of Coinbase (COIN) stock. • Wood added 33,756 shares of COIN to ARK’s Innovation ETF (ARKK), worth around $1.45 million based on the Jan. 10 closing price. • Coinbase shares are rising roughly 20% over the last five days, as the crypto exchange

Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud and Campaign Finance Charges

• Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, pleaded not guilty to eight criminal charges including wire fraud and campaign-finance violations. • The latest crypto market prices were Bitcoin (BTC) at $16,823, Ethereum (ETH) at $1,252, S&P 500 futures at 3,863.25, and FTSE 100 at 7,598.41. • CoinDesk’s Market Index (CMIP) was 837,

2023: Ethereum’s Year of Opportunity – Unlock Staked ETH, Scalability, and More

• Ethereum developers will soon tackle the issue of staked ether withdrawals, which have been locked up since the network’s switch to proof-of-stake in September. • The upcoming Ethereum upgrade, Shanghai, is set for March and is expected to bring scalability and a more user-friendly experience. • Other events to look forward to include the