Unlock Fun with Bitcoin: Casey Rodarmor’s Quest to Make Crypto Fun Again

• Casey Rodarmor is the creator of Ordinals, a Bitcoin NFT project.
• He has worked in technology since 2010 and currently acts as the co-host of SF Bitcoin BitDevs.
• He recently spoke to CoinDesk about his inspiration and how he views the backlash from some Bitcoiners against the protocol.

Casey Rodarmor: The Quest to Make Bitcoin Fun Again

Background and Career

Casey Rodarmor has been working in technology since 2010, with stints at Google and Chaincode Labs doing work on Bitcoin Core. Currently, he acts as a co-host of SF Bitcoin BitDevs in San Francisco after taking over from River Financial founder Alexander Leishman last year. This is an indication of his commitment to testing out new ideas for building with Bitcoin.

Ordinals NFTs & Inscriptions

Rodarmor is now focusing full time on creating Ordinals, which are made possible by the Ordinal protocol. It allows users to create, buy and sell digital assets powered by its XCP token. This project predates Ethereum’s NFTs (which were inspired by ‘Rare Pepes’ – NFTs based on Pepe the Frog meme).

Inspiration Behind Ordinals

In a CoinDesk interview for Buidl Week, Rodarmor broke down his inspiration for building with Bitcoin using non-fungible tokens (NFT) again – something that was first attempted in 2012 with colored coins representing all types of non-Bitcoin assets on the chain. He also discussed his view on the backlash from some members of the community who are not supportive of this type of blockchain protocol expansion.

The Impact & Future

Ordinals now have paid interns and Discord moderators which shows that it has grown significantly since its inception and that there is potential for more growth in the future as well. Rodarmor hopes that this project can help make Bitcoin fun again while still providing useful features and functionality to users around the world.